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'The Bread of Life'

Prayer Thoughts: 

This Sunday’s Gospel reading presents part of a discourse between Jesus and some Jews. In answer to their questions, Jesus told them that they were looking for a repeat performance of the miraculous feeding and for another free meal. His message is that this is not the way to satisfy their deepest human spiritual hunger, which is  for that which endures to eternal life. 


Jesus wants to share with them the meaning of the word of God for their lives, but he wants them to see that embracing his message is not merely a matter of simple intellectual assent, but requires an authentic commitment to live in solidarity with him and his message, which leads to selfless and sacrificial service for others. 


Pope Francis put it this way: ‘Jesus satisfies not only material hunger, but the most profound of hungers, the hunger for meaning in life... In the face of suffering, loneliness, poverty and difficulties of so many people, what can we do? Complaining does not solve anything. But we can offer what little we have. We certainly have a few hours of time, some talent, some expertise... Who among us does not have his or her five loaves and two fish? If we are willing to put them in the hands of the Lord, we will bring a little more love into the world - a bit more love, peace, justice and joy. God is able to multiply our small gestures of solidarity and make us partakers of his gift.’ (Homily 26 July, 2015). God bless, Paul


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