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Please let us know as soon as possible when a loved one or Parishioner has died and we will pray for you. 


Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a stressful process. The first step in booking a funeral is usually to ring your Funeral Director who will give advice and take care of practical details for you. Funerals can be conducted in church, or at the crematorium, or a combination of church and crematorium/churchyard. A funeral in church allows a little more time for the service than the crematorium. Many people choose to come to church for the main part of the service, before going on to the crematorium or churchyard for the committal. 


A good funeral service will express praise and thanksgiving for the life of the deceased, offer prayers and enable relatives and friends to begin their mourning. A Church funeral will always include the celebration of Christian hope of life in some different dimension after death. The clergy always visit before a funeral to offer support and discuss the service. Follow-up support and pastoral care is always available from the parish. 

The clergy pray each day for those who have been bereaved and commend to God’s love those who have died

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