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Stratfield Mortimer Benefice Parochial Church Councils: The PCC operates through a number of committees and groups which meet at varying intervals throughout the year. 


People who are not members of the PCC can be co-opted to serve on committees with the approval of the PCC 

The PCC has resolved that all Committees of the PCC should try to meet on Monday evenings.  The secretary should confer with the Office about dates and times to avoid clashes and in order that the clergy and the churchwardens can attend if appropriate.  All Committees should present minutes of their meetings to the Standing Committee which must meet before each PCC meeting.  It is foreseen that as Committees identify needs and opportunities for ministry they will from time to time make presentations and recommendations to the PCC in order that the ministry of the Parish may continue to develop and grow. 


The Standing Committee with Finance and General Purposes: 

The Committee has the responsibility of ensuring that the ‘vision’ of each working group accords with the vision of the Church in this Benefice, which is to affirm that before God we are all called equally, that each person has a distinct identity and all have a unique contribution to make; to seek to recognise and nurture the gifts of others; to identify/look at strengths and weaknesses in each area of ministry and to ensure that we are using all the resources of our Benefice – people and buildings and money – to draw others into relationship in Christ and thus into that unity which is his will. To monitor the finances of the whole Parish with a delegated authority financially limited and with clear terms of reference. 

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