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Welcome to the website of the Mortimer Benefice which consists of the Parish of Mortimer, the Parish of Mortimer West End, the Parish of Padworth and the schools of St. John and St. Mary.  Situated on Berkshire/Hampshire border, the Benefice is an integral part of a vibrant and thriving community.

Benefice borders

There are a number of reasons why a person decides to get involved in a parish. It could be because they will be participating in a Baptism or Marriage or a Funeral. Or perhaps they have just moved to the area. But a lot of times we join a new community because we are searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. And the best way to find that is in community with one another in the way of Jesus Christ.


We all ask questions about why we are here and what purposes our lives have. We need to know that we have made a difference and that our time and talents have been put to good use. That is why it’s important to try to get the tone right when someone is thinking about getting involved in their Parish community. Like a family welcoming a new member, we need to be inclusive and hospitable to all.

Our four church buildings are holy places - each a local focus for the life and ministry of the Church - where prayer has been offered for many years. You are welcome to enter for peace and quiet, for prayer; to be alone or to be with God. A Bible and the Sacraments are available for Christians.


If you would like to see a priest for Confession, or to talk in complete confidence, then please contact Fr Paul or Fr Derek. We welcome members of other faiths and those who are seeking, or agnostic. Please pray for the Church and for those who minister and worship here and go in peace.

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