St. John the Evangelist, Mortimer

St. Saviour,  Mortimer West End

St. Mary the Virgin, Mortimer

St. John the Baptist, Padworth


Whether you’ve just moved to the area or have lived here all your life, we hope that our ‘Focus Notes’ will help to answer some frequently asked questions and help  you find out more about our Parish Churches. 


There are a number of reasons why a person decides to get involved in a parish. It could be because they will be participating in a Baptism or Marriage or a Funeral. Or perhaps they have just moved to the area. But a lot of times we join a new community because we are searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. And the best way to find that is in community with one another in the way of Jesus Christ.


We all ask questions about why we are here and what purposes our lives have. We need to know that we have made a difference and that our time and talents have been put to good use. That is why it’s important to try to get the tone right when someone is thinking about getting involved in their Parish community. Like a family welcoming a new member, we need to be inclusive and hospitable to all.

Our four church buildings are holy places - each a local focus for the life and ministry of the Church - where prayer has been offered for many years. St John’s, Mortimer is open every day (the Vergers can give you a key for the other churches) and you are welcome to enter for peace and quiet, for prayer; to be alone or to be with God. A Bible and the Sacraments are available for Christians. If you would like to see a priest for Confession, or to talk in complete confidence, then please contact Fr Paul or Fr Derek. We welcome members of other faiths and those who are seeking, or agnostic. Please pray for the Church and for those who minister and worship here and go in peace.


There are a variety of events that happen throughout the year. What follows is just an overview of a small selection of the activities which take place. 


The new Church Year traditionally begins at Advent with the Procession Service, which tells the ancient story - in scripture, poetry, symbol and song - of mankind’s need for salvation and God’s faithfulness in opening a path for the coming of our Saviour.


In the lead up to Christmas The Nine Lessons and Carols Service takes place at St Mary’s. There are Christmas Services for our Church Schools and there is the Children’s Advent Workshop. On Christmas Eve there are the Christingle Services. And then comes Midnight Mass and the Eucharists for Christmas Day. 


There are opportunities throughout the year for those who wish to find stillness and space to reflect, including regular Quiet Days and Retreats.


Lent, with its themes of renewal, brings more opportunities to re-engage with the mission of Christ’s Church both locally and internationally, including a Lent Study Course. Each year the Altar Servers Lent Mission engages with the whole Benefice to raise money for work with children in our link diocese of Kimberly & Kuruman.


In Holy Week we celebrate the full liturgy of the Church. There is the extra opportunity of the Children’s Good Friday Workshop.


In May we celebrate St. Mary’s Festival with a range of concerts. This annual village thanksgiving service, known as the Mortimer Maying Service, has its own distinct traditional liturgy. 


St John the Baptist, Padworth  has an annual festival celebration in June.


There are various Parish Breakfasts, Lunches, Teas and Suppers and other celebrations which involve the whole community.


The Benefice Garden Fellowship organises various visits to places of interest.


In November there is a Benefice Theatre Trip to London. 


During the year the Vicar hosts several community social events including July’s Vicarage Garden Party and the Vicarage Garden Choir Concert and Barbecue. 


There are pilgrimages to the great sites of Christendom.


SPECIAL NEEDS If you require special provision please contact the Office or speak to a Verger.


DISABLED ACCESS We have ramps leading up to all the churches.


THE HEARING LOOP is available at St. John’s if you have hearing difficulties. Please ask a Verger.


LARGE PRINT VERSIONS are available if you have poor eyesight. Please ask a Verger.


ENVIRONMENTAL AND FAIRTRADE ISSUES Although we know there is further to go on this journey we believe in being ethical. All our coffee and tea are ethically sourced. We recycle our waste in order to reduce impact on the environment.



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